Program 19 Oktober 2017


  Program IT Infrastructure Datacenters congress 19/10/17
9.00-10.00 Registration -  Coffee & Pastries 
  Meeting Room Andromeda   (Meeting Room Aula) 1st floor ( Meeting Room Saturnus ) 1st floor
10.05-10.30 Adiabatische koeling, een hype of de nieuwe standaard? ( Vertiv Benelux) ( Gaétan Decaluwe, Account manager BELUX - Thermal Management)
10.30-10.35 Overgang parallele sessies
10.35-11.00 Bekabeling in een datacenter: koper- en glasvezelbekabeling (Dirk van Moll , Dätwyler on behalf of Microtron) - -
11.00-11.30 Contact Opportunities & Coffee Break
11.35-12.00 Emergency standby Power Solutions (Eneria) High Density Solutions For Data Centers (Matthias Jungbeck, Product Line Manager and Engineering, Easylan) Networking beyond the next phase (Danny Krieger, DELL EMC)
    Having sufficient space in the racks of a data center is a precious thing. High density solutions for backbone connections are therefore an absolute necessity. The German company Easylan has besides fiber optic- also high density copper solutions for data centers. Based on a case study you will be guided through the key obstacles when setting up a data center and how these can be easily overcome by using Easylan’s easy to install and preassembled solutions. Schrack Technik België is Easylan’s official partner for the Belgian market.    
12.00-12.05 Overgang parallele sessies
12.05-12.30 Innovation At Every Level: The Next Generation UPS & Cooling in your Datacenter (Luca Loreggian
Product Manager for Schneider Electric Chillers and Room Cooling)
Timing and synchronization and MPO connector inspection and cleaning (Benny Polleunis/Timmy Louis, CN ROOD)  Is your industry ready for the VR revolution? (Kjell Geurts, Client Solutuions Sales Specialist)

Digital technology & environment are driving new innovation in the IT space.  Schneider Electric will give you a taste of our new product innovations in cooling & power. Discover also our integrated EcoStruxure approach. EcoStruxure is our open, interoperable, IoT-enabled system architecture and platform. EcoStruxure delivers enhanced value around safety, reliability, efficiency, sustainability, and connectivity. EcoStruxure leverages advancements in IoT, mobility, sensing, cloud, analytics and cybersecurity to deliver Innovation at Every Level. This includes Connected Products, Edge Control, and Apps, Analytics & Services.

Part 1 : Bringing Timing NTP and PTP into Datacenters and ( TaaS ).
Part 2 : MPO connectors automated tested and cleaning.
12.30-13.30 Contact Opportunities & Walking Lunch
13.35-14.00 Latest developments in the field of NBN EN 50600 standardization: The new European standard is complete! (Niek van der Pas – Chair Dutch NEN Standard Committee “Computerruimten en datacenters” / Lead Data Center Expert Minkels) Fibre cabling in Data Centres: LC connectivity strikes back!  (Joost Grillaert, Nexans Cabling Solutions) Managing and operating in a modern datacenter (Eric De Witte, Advisory Cloud Platforms Specialist, Dell EMC)
Datacenter standards are continuous in motion. The Tier classification was a de facto standard for a long time, and the new European standard NBN-EN 50600 is becoming increasingly evident. The adoption to an ISO / IEC standard is now in full swing. During the presentation, the design aspects and the use of the NBN-EN 50600 standard are discussed, in the course of the design of a data center, the background of the standard, certification and principles on which this standard is based.
The presentation will translate the EN 50600 requirements in practical design solutions like the use of redundant structured  cabling solutions.
Technological developments for transceivers and new fibre transmission protocols for 25G and 50G have changed the cabling infrastructure for Data Centres and have simplified the migration to higher speed protocols.  While 5 years ago a complete migration to parallel optics based on MTP connectivity was predicted, it now appears that duplex transmission based on LC connectivity is making a comeback.
This presentation will highlight the future of LC connectivity in the Data Centre.
14.00-14.05 Overgang parallele sessies
14.05-14.30 The Internet of Things and its impact on the Physical Layer (Maurice Zetena, Vice President Data Center Technology on behalf of Kannegieter) Diris Digiware, monitoring & measurement tool for optimizing the power consumption of your datacenter  (Xavier Mercier, marktdirecteur datacenters Socomec) Data Centres for the Future? (Lee Funnell,  Director of the Fibreoptics Industry Association on behalf of Saifor)
The Internet of Things (IoT) and the subsequent Internet of Everything (IoE) :
As with any new technology, much of what was considered state-of-the-art just a few years ago will need to be re-assessed and adapted to meet the challenges presented by these emerging technologies.
At it's most basic, the IoT is based on and requires connectivity. Without a pervasive and robust connectivity structure, IoT and IoE implementation is simply not possible.
Traditional approaches and methodologies of connectivity and aspects such as power are not suited to and not sufficiently to meet the requirements for the deployment of this type of system.

This session will look at the current state of the IoT and the emergence of the IoE. Focus will be on the required connectivity needs and how the market is responding.  We will further look at the emergence of various protocols and current and future communication methodologies.  As this market will encompass many areas not traditionally addressed by our industry, we will examine the applicable current standards, codes and best practice strategies as well as how the industry is addressing the unique requirements of this new and exciting market.

14.35-15.05 Contact Opportunities & Coffee Break
15.10-15.35 Infrastructure for data centers: Maximum uptime & increased efficiency . From planning to execution (Erik Adriaenssens , CEBEO) Next Generation Data center interconnection (Lex Wils, Innovation Officer, Eurofiber) - NL  
  In welke mate hebben concept, planning en finaal zelfs uitvoering hun invloed op de uptime en de efficiëntie van uw datacenter?
Cebeo brengt als onafhankelijk distributeur een aantal verduidelijkende voorbeelden om u daarin te helpen.
Data Center Interconnect (DCI) is the fastest-growing sector of the optical market, with telco’s and network operators offering DCI services to enterprises, industries and public sector customers. But with moving to the cloud, an emerging ecosystem requires new approaches to DCI to help them take advantage of the cloud opportunity. To be successful, the new DCI services must be more scalable, agile and flexible than current DCI offerings.  
15.35-15.40 Overgang parallele sessies
15.40-16.05 Edge Data Center Solution ( Koen Van Hende, Rittal) Infrastructure with Intelligence Business continuity, lower costs and optimal operational performance for software defined data centers.  (Rory Higgins, Eaton)  
  The arrival of the internet of Things (IoT) will cause a growth in the “edge” of the network. Rittal has created a scalable modular Datacenter-in-a-box which is an answer of different challenges. Turn your whole data center infrastructure into a source of intelligence for IT management, with Eaton.   
16.10-17.00 Contact Opportunities - Reception